“Ciara Proznik provides an incredible score, ranging from the pulsing feel of Carpenter's Halloween to beautiful and off-putting piano moods. For a silent film, music can make or break the whole thing, and Proznik absolutely knocks it out of the park.” ~ Dusty Evely, Haddon Field Horror

“As a silent film the soundtrack composed by Ciara Proznik is the emotional driving force for the story. The orchestral tone constantly guides the audience as it moves away from initial serene sounds, before gradually building on the melancholier and more deliberate horror tones, as it continuously evolves to reflect the tense emotions in the scene.” ~ Philip Rogers, Blazing Minds

“I was grateful to have connected with Ciara for a recent project. She was extremely patient with my specific requests and delivered everything as promised. Her communication was prompt and she was a pleasure to create this project with. I look forward to working together again!” ~ Jennifer Garcia, Spark Studios