Falling Through the Cracks: Greg's Story

This is the opening scene from a Canadian short film called Falling Through the Cracks: Greg's Story created by a non-profit organization called Greg's Wings. Made in 2017, this film was directed by Dean Bennett and produced by Andrew Wreggitt, Tom Cox, Rebecca Shaw, and Karen Pickles. It is based on a true story and was created to inspire positive change and improvement in the Canadian healthcare system. Ciara Proznik scored this scene and collaborated with composer Mike Shields for the remainder of the film's score. This score won the 2018 Rosie Award for “Best Original Musical Score Drama Under 30 Minutes" from the Alberta Media Production Industries Association.

If you'd like to learn more about Greg's Wings, their website can be found at:


This is a promotional video for a photography studio called Sparks Studios based in Orange County, CA. Check out their website at!

Director: Jennifer Garcia, Director of Photography: Rick Lee, Editor: Kyle Eaton, Talent: Sophia Le, Makeup: Jen Castelo, Production: Jonathan Ross


This is a RESCORE of a documentary that was recorded with a live ensemble during Ciara's time at University of California Los Angeles. It captures the beauty and majesty in the restoration of the Eagle population in the Philippines.